Monday, October 19, 2009

Catching up

My Dad came to visit for the weekend and we had fun. He helped me ma my yard sale station at a local middle school that had a fund raiser yard sale. We went to dinner and gambled a little at the casino. I won and I think he lost but it was fun. we drove up to Truckee so I could visit a yarn shop and I got some great stuff to know a scarf with. He brought us a great new coffee table and a couple of boxes of stuff that had items from Nana and a few things from my childhood. And he even brought me a great table to put in my craft room!
School is going right along, I can't wait for thanksgiving to get here. We are having family come out and it will be the first Thanksgiving dinner in our new house. Christmas will be fun also, Matt and I are staying in Reno, for one he has to be on call for Christmas, but also we want to have Christmas at the house also. Dad brought me a tree also.
Roxie just keeps growing, she is getting good at letting us know when she needs to go outside, but she has a lot of energy right now. But she is great to take on walks and she is staring to want to cuddle! She is a very cute girl.
I have a very exciting Vegas trip coming up. My sister and I and Katchy are all going for Halloween! That should make for a really fun and crazy weekend!
The weather is up and down out here. It's warm it's cold it rains it's sunny all in one day!
That's about all the news for right now!