Monday, April 28, 2008


I add the the USGS site so that you can see the earthquakes that are happening. It is pretty interesting to just click around and see whats going on in the united states or even the world.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

We had a busy weekend. It was so nice, about 70+ both days. So we headed out to shoot Matt's new gun, a USP .45. It's pretty cool and mean looking. It is the same gun the navy seals use. Very cool. We also made over our little patio. We got rid of all the garbage that had piled up during winter. Matt got me some hanging plants and I filled my flower pots. It looks very nice and inviting. We ate breakfast out there thismoring.

Pretty Little Flowers in my pots

Flower pots on the patio

New hanging plants. It looks pretty nice out there.

An array of bullets. Matt's gun shoots the shiney brass one.

Whoa! She kicks like a mule!!

Matt's new gun.

I found this little horse in the dirt.


Earthquake that is. It happened on Friday night. We were at a friends house and felt it. They live about 10 miles north of us and the epicenter for the earthquakes are about 5 miles east of us. So when we felt it pretty good there we knew it had to be worse at our place. This was about 12 at night. When we got home the neighbor lady came out as we were unlocking the door. She was scared and wanted to make sure the cats were ok. She is cute. Some of my glass candle holders had fallen off and glass was everywhere. A picture from fell down and broke also. All the candles on top of the tv were on the floor. I am actually really glad we were not here when it happened or I really would have been freaked out. After that we decided that we should be prepared. So at like 1:30 in the morning we went to walmart and got water and candles and granola bars just in case. There were a few minor aftershocks that we felt Saturday morning but so far it has been quiet. Hopefully it stays that way.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Twitter and Quakes

So I have started using this thing called Twitter. Lisa turned me on to it. Basically I send a text message from my phone and it shows up on my blog. I know everyone is dying to know what exciting things are happening by the minute in my life. Well fans you are now satisfied. Plus we all know I go through blogging stages of 2 blogs a day to well like 2 a month! So this is any easy way to throw little tidbits your way of whats going on. Especially since I could be devoured by the earth at any minute. We have had several earthquakes this week. They are mostly originating in Verdi and Mogul. These areas are about 5-10 miles east of us on I-80, towards Sacramento. So we are feeling them pretty well at our house. Last night especially. We awoke to a shaking bed and the pots on the hanging pot rack banging into each other. But it's not like we actually got out of bed to check on anything. any ways I have just about 2 weeks of school let and 2 essays and 2 presentations and 2 finals! Eww it's yucky. But sweet freedom is on the horizon. Thank you baby Jesus! Anyways keep an eye on Twitter for all my fabulous updates!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh what to write about...

Not much. I felt one more earthquake since that one. But just a little jiggle. I have about 4 weeks of school left so I will be busy until then. The weather has been wacky. it was like 70's over the weekend then snowed on Monday and now this weekend is supposed to be real windy. My sister turned 24 last week, and I had 2 office birthdays. Lisa runs her marathon tomorrow an I know she will do great. I can't wait for school to be done with and have a break! Oh geeze not much else. Whoopty do dah day.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I feel the earth move under my feet...

It's a tumbalin' tumbalin' down. Yes I felt an actual earthquake today.After all those years in Utah waiting for the big one I don't think I ever felt an earthquake. At first i thought I was just being silly, but when I got to work my boss who only lives about a half mile from me called and said she felt one to. And the news confirms it. Cool man.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm a loser okay!

Listen I know haven't posted but I don't have anything interesting to post about. Nothing exciting has happened, at all. School is getting close to being over so I have about a zillion projects I am working on. This weekend will be spent in front of the computer for sure. I'm not neglecting RockinReno I am just not exciting. In that last 3 week the most fun I had was bowling. Whoopie. On a plus side this weekend its supposed to get up to 70. But then next week its going to snow. I live in a strange world over here. I have done our taxes, filed my financial aide papers, and signed up for next semester. Just a lot of boring stuff to get out of the way before summer. So I'm sure your asleep by now because of how boring this post is.