Monday, January 28, 2008

This just in.....

So today I went to school in the very snowy weather and then came to work. Matt came and got my car so that he could look at it because it was having some serious problems. Like i couldn't use the heater and drive at the same time. When he opened the hood, the problem jumped right out at him. Literally, there was a bunny hiding in there and he was ALIVE! I couldn't believe it! I had noticed all the little bunny tracks in the snow this morning and thought how cute. But I can't believe the little guy held on all the way to school and then stayed in there, and then all the way to work and Matt's work. That little guy has been all over Reno! Now he wasn't really what was causing the problems, but what a surprise. Matt and the guys at his work took him out and put him in a cardboard box so we can take him back to the apartments later. But I just might keep him and tame him and make him my new pet cause his little face is so cute!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On my plate

So today was the first day of Spring semester. I only have one class on Tuesdays from 1-3:45. But I had to go pick up my books from the book store, and Matt got called out and I had to be at work at 8:30, ugh. I'm tired. Just look at the amount of books I had to haul. It's ridiculous. I also joined a gym last night. It's close to the house and has all the right stuff, I just have to get there. They gave me a free t-shirt. But it's not really free because you have to sign up and pay. Uh I go to college, ok, I see right through that little skeem. We are going back to Utah on Friday after my morning class. The car is finally done. So we have to return our sweet rental that even though it's a Ford we really like it. I'm to lazy to make a whole photo thingy so I am just going to attach a few to this post that were taken over Christmas. Ok never mind I made the album. Look left and click on it because it has funny captions I added, becuase I'm funny.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh Craps!

That's right Craps! I made it big last night at the Craps table and I am so proud. I started with 40 bucks down on the table and walked away with 285 big ones baby. Now that's how you do it! I play pretty conservatively but my friend Shannon that I was playing with is a real dare devil. But she did good also leaving the table with about 185 in winnings. Not a bad night. But there is the Las Vegas trip that seems to be going down the crapper. People's dates are conflicting and Jesus's resurrection is totally getting in the way. I mean when is Easter in freakin March! I hope it works out because I really want to go and I know that Katch does also and she is doing her best to try and make it happen for everyone. She's is nice to get the Vegas ball rolling and bring the plans together. Wow school starts on Tuesday! I got a new school bag and I bought new pens and pencils. I had to bring all my non-mechanical pencils to work today to sharpen up and get em' ready. I like to have both mechanical and manual pencils. I mean I've yet to see a sparkly mechanical pencil, and I need sparkles to do well.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Comments and Pictures

OK so to leave a comment just click comment and fill it in. It's that easy! As for pictures, I have a slide show to the left. If you click the picture it will load a new page with bigger pictures on it.

The new RockinReno

I have moved the RockinReno website to here, Blogger. It will make it much easier for people to leave comments. Anyone can easily leave a comment with out having to sign up for anything. I hope this works out well. I will have to learn how to post photo albums. I pretty much know how to use Blogger but bear with me as I go. Thanks, and try leaving a comment you will be supried how simple it is. The old site will stay up but from now on I will be updating here.