Friday, August 29, 2008

Gualala CA

It's called Gualala.It looks likea cute little town. this is where we are staying Here It's about a 5 hour drive from Reno to Gualala. I think we will stop and get groceries so we can make breakfasts and lunches. We will be going up to Mendocino to check it out. It is supposed to be a cute little town. There are just a ton of beaches all along the coast and hwy 1. I really want to check out glass beach. I would also love to snorkel a little if possible. I love the tide pools the are so neat. I need to get a tide times book to see when low tide is. I will have lots of cool picture to show off so check back on Tuesday.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ocean Retreat

Ok so get ready to get Jealous! Matt and I and our friends Chris and Jaslin (you may know her from her blogg-Jazzy) are all going to the northern California coast for the weekend. We are staying in this little town called Gualala. It is about 5 hours from here. "It's seems like it has been so long since I've see the ocean...I think I should nananana" -if you know the Counting Crows. Anyways its going to be sweet. More later.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School Daze

I started fall semester yesterday. So I don't work Mondays because I have class all day. So far it is going well, but it's only Tuesday! I have 4 classes. i did have 5 but I dropped it because it was photography from 7-9:30 pm twice a week and I just don't think I will have time to do that and keep up with my math. I hate math, but so far the teacher seems good. Looks can deceive because when I walked in she looked like a real beast but she wasn't. It is going to be real hot this weekend and the rib cook off is in town so I was hoping Matt and I might get out of here. Maybe head over to the ocean for a few days, just a thought. I know rooms may be hard to come by. But I have to stay away from those Delicious ribs because I gained 2 pounds! Dang weddings!

Cram Packed with fun

The wedding was so fun. I loved my wedding cause it was mine. But I love other peoples wedding because I can simply party and not have to be stressed. And if there is one thing that my family knows how to do it's party. The ceremony was touching of course. I am so happy to see my cousin married and I just love Erica. She fits in so well with all of us. Her family is pretty fun too! Oh there are so many funny stories that I can't even tell because you just had to be there but I will let the photo's do the talking.

The Cake

The Happy Couple

Me and Ann - wild women!

Dance Girls!!

Erica tried to run, but I caught her!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Coming up....

so I have a very busy week a head. I have my Stitch N' Bitch tonight. Then Thursday I am leaving after work to got to Washington. I am meeting my sister in Boise and then on to Spokane. Dustin and Erica are getting married this weekend! So on Friday we are driving to Richland to spend the weekend and go tot the wedding. All the kids will be there so it will be really fun. I come home on Sunday. Jess is staying a few extra days, lucky! Then Monday is the first day of Fall semester! I'm happy to be going back. I am bored and missing school. I still need to get my books and parking pass though! I have a full load of classes the time, 15 credits! That's 5 classes. So I hope I can keep up! I'm a little bummed I will be missing the Nevada State Fair while I'm gone! I love the fair! But it's probably better since I can't eat any of the yumm-o food. O speaking of.. I have lost a total of 12 pounds so far. I really have to keep my self in check this weekend and not eat bad. I really don't want to gain. It's so hard to lose it and oh so easy to put it back on! See you next week and I will post some pictures too!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Knitted Bag..Lady.

I finished a big knitted bag I have been working on. It turned out really great. it is nice and big and will hold knitting projects or be great for a weekend bag or to take on the plane. I lined this one with a great snake skin fabric I found. I reall like haveing a great suprise when I opena bag. One of my favorite bags is just plain black but has a hot pink satin lining. I even added a pocket to this one.I think I make a few more and give them as gifts.

Hello, Hello

This was an event full weekend. On Friday Matt and I and our friends Chris and Jaslin went out to Hot August Nights. We had a free dinner thanks to my work and got to see some pretty cool cars. Saturday Matt actually went..hold your breath with me! He needed some new shorts. He was down to about 2 pairs he like and I was getting tired of seeing them. So he got some new ones. I also did a little shopping and then we went and saw the movie Stepbrothers. It was pretty funny. On Sunday we went up to Donner Lake for a while and hung out. It was a pretty good. He goes back on call this Friday so it's a good thing we lived it up this weekend!

Hot August Nights!

This is not that great of pic but too bad!

Super engine

Spiffy Paint Job

Cool hood ornnnament

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fast Times in Reno

Well Jess Dad and Stu all went home on Sunday. We had a really great time. We went to Truckee cause Stu wanted to hit all the little shops. Then we took a picnic to Lake Donner and swam a little. We also went to the comedy club at the Silver legacy. We also went to Lake Tahoe of course and swam and had fun in the sun. It was ultra hilarious! Plus we gambled, gambled, gambled! It was a really great time. In fact I was having so much fun I hardly even took any pictures! Maybe Jess will post some. I am really glad that my family likes to come and visit me. I mean it's not like Reno is LA or something-though I think we have a few of their homeless crazies here-but it can be pretty fun if you know where to go.