Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Catching up

So this has been an A+ week. I got an A on my math test to begin with. I have a lost a total of 16 pounds and can finally fit into a pair of jeans that were given to me 2 Christmas's ago. And big news....we are going to buy a house. Which one I don't know yet but we have pre-approved by our lender and hopefully we can start looking this weekend. It is all very exciting. Also Jaslin's wedding is like 2 minutes away and we are trying to get everything in order. We are staying at lost trail lodge. I have a lot to do! I am doing the flowers plus I am like an unofficial wedding planner/taker over and I have to make sure it's just right. The room that Matt and I are staying in is cool, we get to climb a ladder up to our bed! And it has a cute little wood stove and a BIG tub (calm down, we will wear swim suits OK geeze). It will be fun. It better not rain and I swear if I have to put on a bee suit and kill bee's by the hundreds I will- there was a bit of a bee problem last time we were there and the Bride is allergic-. So that is the update. I can't wait to be a homeowner and I will keep you all updated on the hunt.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Air Show 08'

The air show was pretty fun. We saw a lot of great planes and the shows and demonstration were really cool to watch. It was very hot though. We stayed allday and had a really good time. Matt was in heaven!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This week has been maddness

to the max. Matt has worked a ton of overtime. Sat, Sun, and Mon, night he didn't get home until the wee hours of the morning because he had road calls or call outs to deal with. So we are both sleep deprived at this point. And of course school school school. We are very happy for the weekend to almost be here. On Saturday we are going tot he Reno Air Races. Matt loves to go every year. My favorite part is watching the Blue Angels. It is pretty neat to see all the planes and how loud they are. I think we are going with Chris and Jaslin. Last weekend was fun. Matt got a new gun so he played with that. Jaslin and I got out feet and nails done for her birthday and went to lunch. Also I have lost almost 15 pounds. I am pretty happy about that. But Matt spent most of that weekend working and me doing homework. Look for pictures next post from the Air races. Happy weekend everyone.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Tide Is In

Our weekend was really great. We hung out in that 70's house. It was pretty nice. We made dinner and had a fire both nights and played games. We spent Saturday driving up the coast to our rental house. We stopped at a great beach that had a tendency of waves that caught you off guard! Jaslin and Chris had wet shoes when we left! Sunday we drove to Fort Bragg. The whole drive is just so beautiful. We did a LOT of driving. But we also stopped at several beaches. They were all very pretty and neat. We had a great lunch in Fort Bragg and we went to Glass beach. It was a fun day. On Monday we headed home. We made a couple different stops and found our favorite beach. We had a group picture there. I collected some of the glass from the beach and some cool rocks. We really didn't get to see any tide pools or any starfish. There weren't very many shells either. But the sand was great and the water was cool. I am really glad we took this trip and happy that Chris and Jazzy were able to go with us. Oh and Landen too, he was a good boy and toughed out a long car ride.