Thursday, June 26, 2008

The air up here is sooo not clear

In fact it's down right disgusting. There are several fires burning in California right now and all the smoke is being blown right into our little valley and here it stays. I have not seen the sky for about 3 days. This morning when I drove to work i could barley see the big casinos until I was Right up on them. It is terrible. I am still fighting a cold and this is not helping.

In other news. I am going to a dinner on Friday for the Reno Woman of the Year. The daughter's owner of my company has recently started working with me and she was nominated because she run a website that promotes women's businesses in Reno. I am wearing the same dress to the dinner that I am also wearing a s a bride's maid dress in a friends wedding in October. I have to go find some shoes to wear with it thought. I looks pretty good on me if I say so myself, and trust me you would say the same.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Happy Couple

This weekend was my sister and brother-in-law's 1 year anniversary! woohoo a whole year has gone by but the wedding seems like yesterday! So here are some choice photos of the whole deal. Unfortunately I could not locate a picture of the happy couple. But maybe Jess will post one.

Jess and I
Stuart and his Mom

Matt shows off his tie
Bustin' a move!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm so lucky- I'm a star

So I won a great prize from Lucky Magazine. I won a beauty set from 24-7. I tries it last night and I really like it. The face wash is minty and refreshing and the moisturizer is not greasy at all. I love Lucky magazine. It's all about fashion and clothing and not bogged down with gossip about the stars. You don't even have to subscribe to Win. You just go to the website and enter. I have won about 5-6 items over last 2 years each one well worth more than $20 and a subscription is only $12! So it defiantly pays for itself.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hi my name is Jana and I like to party.

So the Vegas trip was so fun. I am so lucky to have friends like the girls that know how to have a great time. A big thank you to Katch for being a profesh planner. She really knows how to let her Vegas show. We went VIP style to Tao and took a ride on the roller coaster and New York New York. Plus we laid by the pool like we knew what we were doing. It was such a great trip. Only next year we might try for April cause guess what it was 115 degrees! Not so great after you drink a margarita and eat a big burger and then walk a mile. I already can't wait for next year. Thanks girls.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

2 years today

2 years ago Matt and I were married at Millennial Falls in Sandy. It was the best day. It went just as planned and it couldn't have been any better. It was my dream wedding. We also had an awesome honeymoon. We want to thank our families for being so supportive and loving. I thought I would add a few pictures so you can reminisce right along with us. So browse throught the new album. We are going out to a nice dinner and I make Matt watch the wedding video. Just in case he doesn't remeber every second of it.

Friday, June 6, 2008

SLC the In-Laws place

So I snapped a few pics of my In Laws house. It has been rainy since we got here but I think it is going to warm up today. Yesterday was fun. I went with my sister in law and mother in law and had pedicures. It was very relaxing and afterwards we went out to dinner. I'm lucky to have such fun in laws. I really enjoy spending time with them.

This is Barb's Pond. It is so pretty right now becaus all the plants are nice and green and in bloom.

Here are the fish. They are pretty little guys. My nephew and Matt's grampa love to feed them.

These are the boys, Mac and Sam. Matt loves these littles guys. Grampa and Fischer also love to give them treats.