Monday, February 23, 2009


I am getting a new niece! In an earlier post I said that I thought Lisa might be having a boy, but that was a change of heart, originally I predicted a girl and I was right. I am very excited that I will have a little girl and a little boy to knit for! We do love out little buddy Fischer and we sure wish we could see him more and now even more since we are going to have 2 buddies. Being an Aunt and Uncle is very important and we take it seriously so living far away is hard. Luckily Fischer's mom Lisa makes sure he knows his Aunt Jana and Uncle Matt love him and think about him and we appreciate that! I am excited to send out his birthday present because it is a little something that will let him be able to communicate with us a little more since he's getting older, but I can't give it away just yet! YOu will have to wait and see!

Due credit

Just thought I would share this picture, I know I already wrote about it but I want to make sure Matt gets credit for being a great guy and putting up with me(if you know me, you know what I mean, right?!).

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hello Freinds

So I have a little time at work today to fill you all in. Things are pretty hectic right now. I am tyring to balance school, work, all the home stuff and my practicum(that's where I have to be in the classroom to help the teacher) hours that I have to get in. The house is great, we love it. We are getting our taxes done this weekend and hope to put in a backyard with our return, thanks to the government we will be stimulating grass and trees. Matt is doing good, work is good and it's starting to pick back up a little bit. the weather is wild out here, it snows it rains and then it's 60. Valentine's was fun, we didn't really do anything, but I did walk in to find a whole bed covered in the most beautiful red roses, courtesy of Matt's work. He worked on a guy's truck who had it full of roses to deliver and gave the them about 20 dozen. So they divided them up through the whole shop so all the guys could take some home for their wives. Jess and I are going to Vegas soon, either march or April so that will be fun. We like to do that every year. I have my knitting group that is still going strong and gaining new members all the time, that's every other Tuesday, so I try to fit that in. Plus I have 2 babies to knit for, both due in July! Lisa, Matt's sister, and Emily, Matt's best friends wife. Emily is having a boy and Lisa doesn't know yet, but I think it's a boy also. Matt is hoping the baby comes on the 21st so they have the same birthday! Speaking of Fischer is tunrning 3 this month. I know I keep saying I will post picture and I will, I down loaded them last night.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Still here

just busy. I have been pretty bogged down by school and work and getting the house together. We are pretty well settled in, just putting the finishing touches. I'll try to write more later and post some pictures.