Monday, December 29, 2008

My Christmas in Pictures

Snowy Christmas Day

Christmas Kitty

Christmas Couple

My bird house!

Jess's christmas exchange pee pot. (she loved it)


3 blondes don't make a right, but usually 4 can figure it out!

Stuart the red nose reindeer

Matt and I on the tractor

Rawley pulling some sweet moves

Mom and Matt working the plow

Christmas tree

Snowy farm house

Winter Pond


Raking the snow off the roof

She's no angle thats just a pose

Stuart and Matt working hard

We're Back

Well we made it back to Reno!. WA was so so fun, I loved it! I have some pictures to post later. There was a ton of snow. By the time we left on Saturday there was about 4 feet a my Grama's house. We snowmobiled and sledded and played int he snow. the boys worked herd to plow and rake snow off the roof just in case it was to heavy. It was pretty cold there, didn't get much above 20 the whole time. We had a great Christmas dinner. Just about the whole family was there. It is so great to be able to have the entire family get along and come together once in a while to celebrate. This was the second time that has happened in about a year and it is so much fun. I hope we can keep doing it. Everyone got great stuff, except Jess who got shafted in the gift exchange, wait till you see the picture. Someone always has to throw in a joke gift in this family. But mostly just being able to spend a whole week with my sister and unts and cousins and grandparents was the best gift I could get. The farm looked so pretty just drenched in snow and we all had a great time together.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Going going gone!

So Saturday we go to Spokane for the week. I really can't wait to get up there. Grampa wasn't feeling so well so I am glad we get to hang out with him and cheer him up. I am so glad we get to have a big family gathering this year, all the cousins will be there and that always makes for a great time. Grama's house is the best place to be for Christmas because I get to have our German dumplings and play in the snow and hang out with the whole bunch. We are basically done with the house. We sign our closing papers on Jan 16th and then we get to move in and call it ours! I probably won't post until I get back because, well I will be hanging out with like 90% of the people who actually read this blog! But once I get back I am sure I will have a huge post with lots of pictures to share. So keep warm, and have a Merry Christmas! I also want to say that while my Grama's house is great so is barb's (she's a grama too!) and I love all of Matt's family and wish they could come to Washington too because I know they would love it and then I could really have the whole family together!

Christmas Party Weekend

This was a busy weekend for us. We had my Christmas party on Friday night and then we got on a plane Saturday morning to go to L.A. for Matt's Christmas party. Stayed overnight there and then came home Sunday. So we spent a lot of time in the airport but it was fun. The hotel was pretty nice, I just wish it would have been warmer

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Picture update

It was great. We had the free range turkey and an all organic spread from Whole Foods. Mom was there and Jazzy and Landen came over since Chris had to work. She brought a really good pumpkin pie. My pie was not so great. But we had fun.

I had a great birthday. Matt tortured me for a week making me think that he took my Wii back because I accidentaly saw it before I was supposed to. But I got it and it is soo fun. We went to dinner at the melting pot and it was yumm-yummers. My mom had never been and she really enjoyed it.

While she was here we went to Virginia City and the Peppermill and we both won money at the craps table!

We have an accepted offer on a house. We are getting the inspections done on Monday and if everything is passed then we have ahouse. We should close right around January 16th. So we are very happy and excited.

Now look at the pictures.
Here is Conan. Haven't put the boys up in a while so I thought I better include them.

Me and Heman boy. Isn't he cute.

Conan likes to play the Wii.

Me and Mom going up to Virginia City.

Matt and I at the casino.

Happy winners!

Matt carving the turkey.

Dinner setup

Birthday dinner. I had a little too much wine so I don't look that great.

Me and mom at Melting Pot

Pictures of the house

My boots from Jess!

Let's take a look shall we?

Friday, December 5, 2008

OK so I know it's been forever........

and you have probably given up on me ever posting again but I'm back. There are few big things that have happened and that's why I have been busy. Next week is finals so I am in study mode. We made an offer on a house and it was accepted! My Mom was here for my birthday and thanksgiving. I have some pictures to post and I will try to get that done tonight and go more into detail about everything then. Just wanted to let you know I still know how to use a computer I just haven't had time.